Why Us

Eco-Friendly is a core commitment

A commitment that originated with Medy’s LOVE of the natural world

Medy, our cofounder, is a highly regarded and accomplished sculptress. She fuels the inspiration that is the core of our unique approach to capturing the energy and spirit of creatures in the natural world. She is our team leader, guiding our artisans and R&D members, with an unparalleled passion for perfection in artistic expression.

why Us

YOUR success is Our success

How we contribute to YOUR success

HotAnt has its own brand, a track record of efficient on-time shipping overseas and has a consistent, robust supply chain. From beginning to end, every product is an artwork, every employee is an artist.

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ISO90001 & BSCI qualified

Our company and products have passed ISO90001 & BSCI certification,
ISO90001 was established to identify and promote corporate excellence.
Is the world’s most well-known quality management standard.
Leading quality management standards

Seamless service from design, development, sales to after service.

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Why HotAnt!


More than 50 experienced designers guarantee the efficiency of new product development. All copyright registered and reserved by HotAnt.


Conduct 100% inspection on every important production procedure. Bulk productions are highly consistent with showing samples.


More than 300 working staffs to ensure prompt delivery time. Production capacity reaches 280K pieces per month.


Various options of packaging for different display space. Precise calculation would help our customer to minimize the freight.

Qualification & Service

ISO90001 & BSCI qualified. Seamless service from design, development, sales to after service.

Color Stay

20-year experience of high-quality outdoor paint applying, technical professional and experienced.

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Seamless service from design, development, sales to after service.

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