The Process of Artful Crafting

Designer works at his desk

HotAnt Designs

The HotAnt Design team captures the spirit, individuality, and playfulness of animals in their natural environment. This is the core of our craft. Each sketch draws in the viewer to experience the visceral impact of the artist’s affinity with the animal world.

Man sculpts a house figureine


Over 50 gifted designers and sculptors collaborate with HotAnt Designs and experience the animal world as an endless source of fascination. They present our customers with approximately 100 new original designs per month.

Shelves of many different pots of paints


HotAnt has a track record of over 20 years successfully applying high quality outdoor paint to our garden products and guarantees long lasting color. Our color lab has a collection of over 5,000 colors allowing the best replication of the beauty of nature.

Resin mold of a dog


HotAnt makes every effort to make the “A” side of products by designing the direction of joint line elaborately. We also ensure the service life of each pair of molds is strictly counted and managed.

Pouring resin into a cast

Slip Casting

The quality of resin material determines the final performance of resin crafts. Only the top three branded resin material providers in the industry are listed as HotAnt’s suppliers. The unique formula of raw materials makes the surface of final product smooth and solid.

Woman trims resin from the feet of a cat figurine

Body Trimming

In this process, workers carefully remove excessive parts and replenish the holds on the body, ensuring the perfection of products’ appearance.

The finishing touches applied to a cat figurine

Refined Carving

The second refined carving is HotAnt’s unique production process, which minimizes detail lost during the production. Workers in this section are able to quickly recognize the hair direction around the joint line and carve delicately on the body.

Paint added to a tiger figurine

Color Painting

The quality of color painting is an important criterion for judging the quality of crafts. Instead of single-color single- layer painting, HotAnt adopts multi-layer and comprehensive color painting technics. This process makes HotAnt products stand out among others in the same category by giving every product a vivid look.

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