Five Star

Five Star

“Oh, those aren’t real cats? They sure look real” Sharon Swann Kihei Hawaii commented when shown (May2022) a screen capture of the kitty group. Instant love for yawning kitty “I want to buy that.” A perfect complement to her condo decor, and what’s not to love? – yawning kitty and her friends tug the heart strings of any feline fan, and even the hearts of those who remain neutral. Customer comments and reviews are 5 stars and delighted with their purchase. 5.0 out of 5 stars
Reviewed in the United States on May 2020
Verified Purchase

So real like! Very well made. And adorable! My fiancé loves cats but I am allergic to them so we cannot bring one into our home. He loves his gift and I can breathe easy!

It’s not just cats and kittens, Larry from Fayatteville gave the Dalmation puppy a 5 star “My wife adores the Dalmatian puppy statue. She put the puppy statue beside a little boy fishing statue in the yard. This is just what she wanted!” larry Fayetteville NC verified buyer
Lastly – our figurines have provided comfort and solace, and our customer service consistently goes the extra mile. Trish from USA wrote us an email “You saved my life”. An accommodating response from our CS team, and figurines with a warmth and energy that connect with the imagination and child-like heart in each of us. Sometimes that is all that’s needed to lighten a load and make the day. This is what we value.

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