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I. FAQs for Company Profile

Our advantages:

1) Over 500 skilled workers following a stringent quality system to ensure on-time delivery;

2) More than 50 experienced designers and sculptors guarantee the efficiency of new     product development, presenting approximately 100 new original designs per month.

3) QC: Conduct 100% inspection on every important production procedures

4) 17-year experience of high-quality outdoor paint applying

II. FAQs for Product Development

  1. Standard Charge for Sample Development: USD45/inch based on the sample’s length, width or height, whichever is the largest;
  2. Rebate of Development Fee: the prepaid development fee will be rebated as 1% discount on every order placed by the customer until the full amount has been refunded;
  3. Sample Development Cycle: samples will be prepared within 20 days after the date on which the development fee is received. The more samples needs to be developed, the longer the development cycle will be;
  4. Sample Fee: if a customer wants to develop a product according to provided sample and pays for the development fee, we will provide a sample free of charge. If a common customer wants a sample, in principle we triple the unit price of required sample; for a regular customer, we only double the unit price of required sample.
  5. Sample Lead Time: we can get the sample ready within 2 weeks after the date on which the sample fee is received.


III. FAQs for Production

  1. For all customer orders, we adhere strictly to the standard mix ratio (1:1.25) of resin and stone powder;
  2. Order Lead Time: we deliver normally within 60 days after the date on which the customer’s deposit is received;
  3. We have a stringent quality control system to guarantee product quality. All raw materials are inspected by dedicated QC staff upon receipt. Moreover, we use imported resin and paint for production to ensure product quality;
  4. We use special types of outdoor paint, which cost 2-3 times of common ones. The thinner for the paint also costs 2-3 times higher. The paint and thinner we use have all passed the EU’s ROHS and REACH tests as well as the US’s lead test;
  5. How do we control product quality? We believe that our high product quality results not only from the conscientious work of QC staffers, but also from the sense of quality of all workers. To this end, we have formulated a special incentive policy. Be it color-drawing worker or molding & casting worker, they all have a QC form on their work table. Every batch of good will be inspected and graded by QC staffers. If the products made by a worker are all of excellent quality, he or she will receive an additional 15% pay for the month; if the products made by a worker are all of good quality, he or she will receive an additional 10% pay for the month; however, if a product is graded as less than good, the worker’s quality bonus for the month will be canceled;
  6. All our products are of a uniform quality standard. We DO NOT manufacture goods of different quality grades for different customers;
  7. In a bid to deliver high-quality products to our customers, we have never, since the establishment of this company, outsourced any order; and we have never employed temporary workers to rush orders;
  8. All our products are imprinted with HOTANT logo to prevent competitors from copying them.


IV. FAQs for Product Packaging

  1. We apply waterproof PVC barcodes on the product packaging, and we use high-quality outer cartons and inner boxes to protect our products, so as to make sure that our customers always receive intact products;
  2. For REAL LIFE series products, we often employ nude packaging and use minimum amount of poly foam to reduce packaging costs and the size of outer carton. In this way, we can help our customers reduce shipping costs and increase container quantities. To this end, we have also enhanced the strength of product body and selected high-quality outer cartons to prevent the product from being compromised by outside force. We also remind our customers that products with such packaging must be handled with care while unloading and delivering them.
  3. If the customer does not have special packaging requirements, our standard packages are as follows:
  • For small-sized products, an item is wrapped with a bubble bag, put into a three-layer white inner box, and then packed into a five-layer outer carton;
  • For REAL LIFE products, an item is wrapped with a transparent poly bag, and then packed into a reinforced five-layer outer carton without or with minimum poly foam.


V. FAQs for Sample Room

  1. All of our REAL LIFE products are with exclusivity in Britain; some are with exclusivity in France; some are with exclusivity in Eastern United States. Most of non-REAL LIFE products are with exclusivity in Britain. Other products are without exclusivity in all countries and regions.
  2. In principle, only customers of good business ties with us are allowed to photograph products displayed in the sample room; if a common customer wants to take photographs, they need prior consent from our senior management.
  3. Currently, our products consist of three major ranges: polyresin animal ornaments, planters, and metal ornaments.


FAQ for Sales

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Do you have a factory? Where is it? Can I visit your factory? How far is your factory from Xiamen Airport?

Yes, we have a factory in Quanzhou, which is one hour from Xiamen by bullet train or one and a half hours by car. You are welcome to visit our factory. It takes one and a half hours to drive from Xiamen Airport to our factory.


What are the products made of?



What are the HS Codes for your products?

Polyresin animal ornaments 3926400000

Polyresin fountain with pump 8543709990

Polyresin ornaments with solar lamp 9405409000

Metal ornaments 8306299000

Stone ornaments 6802939000


Can you develop products in accordance with our samples / drawings / specifications?

Yes, we can.


What are your payment terms?

We accept TT in advance or L/C at sight.


What’s the MOQ?

It depends on the sizes of the items. The MOQ for mini-size items, such as…, is 720pcs; the MOQ for small-size items, such as…, is 480pcs; the MOQ for medium-size items, such as…, is 360pcs; the MOQ for large-size items, such as…, is 240pcs; and the MOQ for extra large-size items, such as…, is 120pcs.


Are the products good for outdoor use?

Yes. All our products are coated with special outdoor paint to prevent color fading and paint peeling.


What are the container quantities for 20’, 40’ and 40’ HQ?

Container quantities vary according to different items. We will specify container quantities in our quotations; we can also provide container quantities for mixed orders.


How long is your lead time?

We can get the goods ready within 60 days after the date on which you make the deposit.


Do you have a website or a catalogue?

We have a website and catalogue. You can view our catalogue here, but you cannot take it. As a leading supplier in the garden ornaments industry, we certainly don’t want competitors to copy products from our catalogue. You can pick up items you are interested in, and we’ll send you photo quotations after the fair.


How about your prices? Can I get a discount for large orders?

Our prices vary in accordance with products and packaging requirements. All our products are of a uniform quality standard. We DO NOT manufacture goods of different quality grades for different customers. We don’t normally give a discount despite the order quantity.


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