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HotAnt stand at the Maison&Objet trade show in 2017

HotAnt stand at the GAFA trade show
HotAnt stand at the GLEE trade show

The HotAnt Craft legacy is a testament to the profound connection between nature and artisan craftsmanship, beautifully showcased at prominent European trade fairs, including Paris - Maison&Objet, Europe’s leading Home and Garden show. Also in Cologne, where HotAnt exhibited its exquisite resin figurines before the pandemic. Along with Vivid Arts, HotAnt Craft under the Vivid name, exhibited at Glee, the UK's leading garden and outdoor living trade show.

A notable milestone was the SpogaGafa exhibition, a collaborative effort with strategic partner CJW (CJ Wildlife), Europe's leading wildlife care distributor. This showcase highlighted the vast potential of lifelike animal figurines and distinguished HotAnt by infusing a unique spiritual essence into their meticulously crafted pieces.

Beyond craftsmanship, HotAnt's creations align seamlessly with the evolving post-COVID approach to home and garden decor. In today's world, there is a growing demand for decor that strikes a balance between real-world grounding and the intangible, felt qualities. HotAnt's pieces, embodying expert craftsmanship, artisan charm, and an ineffable essence, perfectly cater to this desire.

Figurine of a peacock
Figurine of a deer
Figurine of a cat

HotAnt transcends the tangible, subtly venturing into what is known as the Meta world. This deep connection to more than the real world is exemplified in their extraordinary collection, first unveiled at Europe's premier trade fairs.