About HotAnt

Crafts from the heart.

HotAnt Craft originated in 1998 with our co-founder Medy, a talented sculptress with a strong passion for animals and nature. This connection to the natural world is now an integral part of our identity, passed down to the current generation of our artisan craftsmen. In 2006, we were inspired to embrace the European aesthetic, leading to a partnership with England’s Vivid Arts. The HotAnt brand is known as Vivid Arts in England and all Vivid Arts products are made by the HotAnt team. In Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain, HotAnt is the preferred brand. For our Japanese market, our designs draw on the traditional European appreciation of fine art and craftsmanship while incorporating a touch of whimsical realism in animal figures. For our market in Japan, European distinction has been lovingly enhanced to deliver products that especially appeal to that demographic.

We continue to evolve our interpretation of the natural world and remain dedicated to delivering high-quality resin products that celebrate the connection between man and nature.

Our goal is to create artistically inspired figurines that touch the heart. Our mission remains true to our co-founder’s vision: to honor the bond between the human spirit and the natural world through beautifully crafted products for homes and gardens.


Real Life collection of products makes the animal world come to life in your home and garden. From the jungles of Africa to Rocky Mountains, from farm animals to domesticated pets, HotAnt has taken inspiration to make poly-stone animal figurines, which are matched only by their real life equivalents.


Gather your picnic basket, deck chair and blanket. With your miniature spade and bucket build a sand castle beneath the rock lighthouse or next to the beach hut. Marvel at the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. Lovingly hand painted, and creatively cast in resin, each piece in this delightful world is a long-lasting treasure will keep you amused, entertained and put a smile on your heart.


Whether you need a keychain for yourself or as a gift, or just want to decorate your desk with an adorable pen holder, these small critters are here to help. Who doesn’t love a hedgehog storage box or a furry friend phone/iPad holder. Who can resist those adorable staplers – one for you and one for a colleague. Those frame holders are a real delight and make the perfect gift, sure to please every recipient making you the Hero with exquisite taste.


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R&D Team


Our R&D team is consistently on top of the latest developments in eco-friendly materials, cutting edge innovations in manufacturing, quality assurance and product development. Their efficiency and expertise benefit the company, the partners and ultimately the customer.

Production Team

Production team

The craftsmen and women of the HotAnt Production Team are dedicated artisans with a passion for their craft. Each one is a true artist fully committed to delivering the best possible product for customers to appreciate and enjoy.


To provide everyone’s home and garden with artfully crafted products that reflect the beauty and wonder of the natural world. “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” – Van Gogh. Our vision is to capture a warm rendition of that world in our décor and gifts collection. From Our Heart to Your Home.


HotAnt is leveraging our dedicated team of artisans and our efficiently run manufacturing /delivery process to create and distribute an ever-expanding imaginative product line. Staying true to our core vision we are moving in the direction of new products that compliment an ever-changing environment.

Long Term

HotAnt is developing relationships with like-minded visionary companies that will benefit not only enterprise, but provide the consumer with an outstanding selection of beautifully crafted, heartwarming decor that contributes to their appreciation and wonder of the natural world.